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Sea Level Rise

All mixed media painting (paint-pour process)
with silver leaf resist

I am inspired by glaciers and compelled by climate change. My large scale, resist-and-pour,  mixed media paintings are my response:


             Before and Beyond Fear.


My process of pouring and protecting images of glaciers and icebergs reflects the subject matter itself: inundation and sea level rise. With each painting having a horizon line 55" from the floor upon which the viewer stands, the experience of just how much the San Francisco Bay is expected to rise by the year 2100 is direct and tangible, marked and made physical. *


Art viewing itself becomes a meditation on the impacts of rising seas and our connection to it.

Gazing at the inky blue and icy white poured and scraped surfaces draws the viewer in to refelection - allowing a slow unfolding of deeper understanding -

if, and when, the viewer is ready: Before and Beyond Fear.


From this open-hearted space, we can better respond to the climate challenge with hope and determination. Compelled to act the best each of us can to create, to educate, and to inspire strategic and empowered action.



*  (download PDF source here) ​​

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