Art reflects its time and place, and the times and places of its maker.

Decision meets Opportunity – Uncertainty meets System
My creative process and my way of seeing the world.

By imposing form and intention on a process with uncertain outcome,
I create visual statements of meaning.

And then, there is the layering…

A Layered Background 

My initiation into art-making was in the world of textile printing and design, weaving, and using off-loom techniques in the time when artists were seeking to liberate the fiber medium from its historically “invisible women’s work” craft-genre.

Finding beauty in everyday objects, I began mixing media and crossing formal boundaries, and while doing so I fell in love with painting – the very medium I had in my earliest years decried as self-centered and impractical. I developed a commitment to abstraction with imagery grounded in real experience, for in my heart, I cling to a search for order and intention as a way of understanding randomness and anchoring thought to experience…

Recently I developed a painting technique of “resist and pour,” in which I create an under-painted compositional structure, which I then “protect” with wax/silver/paper/resin, and then obliterate the imagery by layering more paint and material… sometimes random, sometimes not… a dance between chance and choice.

Eventually I return (in time) to scrape away, dissolve, cleanse, scrub, and otherwise remove the protecting materials to reveal the earliest compositional elements of the work -- sometimes reasserting my decision-making by adding more imagery, sometimes not.

Whatever I am, I was from the beginning…

Growth is a process of revealing…

The layering of objects in media and time dances with meaning, and soon the layering become part of the message itself. I set up foundations and protections and then allow the unexpected to leave its mark, thus respecting the uncertainty without allowing it full reign.

Meanwhile, our human lives test the very limits of the unknown, as our own systems affect the climate and environments in which we live.