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Fighting Global Warming by Reconnecting Children to Nature

Our resilience as a species will depend on our ability to move faster on both fronts: global warming and the human disconnection from nature. It will also rely on our ability to think larger, to imagine something beyond sustainability — a nature rich world.

This from Peter Gleick, Huffington Post, "The Very Real Threat of Sea-Level Rise in the United States"

...A wide range of critical infrastructure along California's coast is also at increased risk, including nearly 140 schools; 34 police and fire stations; 55 healthcare facilities; more than 330 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulated hazardous waste sites; 3,500 miles of roads and highways; 280 miles of railways; 30 coastal power plants, with a combined capacity of more than 10,000 megawatts; 28 wastewater treatment plants; and both the San Francisco and Oakland airports. Overall, nearly $100 billion worth of California property is at risk of flooding from a 100‐year event with a 1.4 m sea‐level rise.

Data analysis from Climate science from climate scientists

...Considering these issues, a sea level rise exceeding one metre can in my view by no means ruled out. In a completely different analysis, based only on a simple correlation of observed sea level rise and temperature, I came to a similar conclusion.

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