Ice Floe
Ice Floe

32" x 80 "

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30" x 80"

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Carbon Footprints
Carbon Footprints

32" x 80"

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Ice Floe
Ice Floe

32" x 80 "

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Upcoming Exhibition

55" - Images of Sea Level Rise

I believe that art has the power to reveal difficult information before and beyond fear: Art as interpretation.


While participating as a member of the Adapting to Rising Tides project, I was startled by the estimated sea level rise of the SF bay estuary -- 55” by the end of this century. My response was to make art.


“Interpretation is revelation based upon information.” – Freeman Tilden


By using a “back door” approach to revealing through viewing art, layers of information unfold to the viewer if and when ready. I invite you to settle yourself in front of these paintings – share the same space with them – and feel absorbed. The ever-present 55” horizon lines mark and make physical the estimated level of rise of the SF Bay on the Hayward shoreline. The resist-and-pour technique that I developed from my experience creating textiles duplicates the indeterminate impacts of melting ice sheets. Wax resist embodies the urge to protect our fragile ice. Silver leaf references the reflective qualities of ice – an integral component of Earth’s energy balance.


Through art

From information to knowing -

Before and beyond fear.


Those who will be affected need a place at the adaptation planning table. Knowledge leads to empowered action.


What’s next?



This exhibit was designed in conjunction with a series of community discussions about sea level rise:


“What? Sharks in My Backyard?”

Sat. Feb. 22, 2pm - Castro Valley Library

Sat. March 22, 2pm - San Lorenzo Community Center

Sat. April 12, 1pm - Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center


Many partners are joining us:


Adapting to Rising Tides –

Castro Valley Library

Hayward Area Shoreline Planning Agency (HASPA) – Citizens Advisory Committee

Move on –

Starr King Unitarian Universalist Church –



Learn more:

The Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center (HSIC) is committed to educating the community about sea level rise and its local impacts. We invite you to learn more.


HSIC programs, bookstore*, and resource center:


*NOTE: 100% of the sales of the book Global Weirdness will support sea level rise education programs at the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center.


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